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Vince Smith - Private Chef and Consultant
Vince Smith - Private Chef and Consultant
Vince Smith - Private Chef and Consultant
Vince Smith - Private Chef and Consultant

Hey, I'm Vince

I am a fully qualified chef with a distinction from NQtac Hotel school. I spent 3 years under the guidance of chef Jeremy & chef Ben Gibbs while working at 101 Meade street restaurant. During my time at 101 Meade, my love for creating beautiful food grew.

Starting my career as a waiter, I understood the needs of different clients and what is needed to cater for all their needs both in and out of the kitchen. I was never focused on one specific genre of food, but rather the entirety of what a restaurant should and can offer.

After six months on the floor, it was my time to enter the kitchen, and it was as cliché as it comes because it was love at first sight. Every minute in a kitchen producing all types of dishes had me hooked. I worked every section at 101, growing my knowledge in all aspects of the perfect dish. I have, since being in the kitchen, started doing my dishes, ‘playing’ around with different ingredients, different accompaniments that align perfectly with the ‘hero’ of the dish, what wine, what starter and what dessert would create the perfect eating experience and assist with an unforgettable atmosphere.

And so I felt it was time to spread my wings and move into the private sector. My aim as a private chef is not complicated or overly detailed but rather an opportunity for the Garden Route to see what I love doing and doing what I love in a more personal environment.

The idea of cooking in my life is and always will be a person’s, a child’s, a couple’s escape. Food can be food, and dinner can be dinner, but if you have passion and love, it becomes more than just cooking, it becomes more than just dinner, instead, it becomes a moment where you as a chef can show in detail the preparation and overall thought that goes into just one plate of food.

I am, however, not limited to private chef evenings but also cater for different occasions from children's interactive cooking parties to platters and event catering.

My Services

I will offer you one of my set menus or we can discuss a more personalized menu.

Once the menus have been selected, the next step would be to finalize a date and time. This is to allow me enough time to prep the selected menu, and arrange all that is needed for my time with you.

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Platters and catering are very similar but also completely different, which is oftentimes lost in translation.

By offering platters, this does not only mean platters that are delivered, but I prepare canapé platters on-premises, and plate accordingly. As well as offering the same canapé platters as a takeaway option where I will deliver your requested platters on date and time as requested.

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As your restaurant consultant, I will use my experience and expertise to implement a smooth service both in the kitchen as well as the front of house.

I aim to take an overview of your current set up, and utilize your strengths and identify any weaknesses that might arise.

I will spend time training staff, both in and out of the kitchen, assist with the implication of new dishes if required as well as jack up your front of house services.

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I believe that by offering an interactive cooking class for both kids and adults during a birthday party, I would assist in hands-on engagement with your children as well as adults.

I offer the opportunity for children to make their own pizzas by rolling their own pieces and even icing their own cupcakes. This will all be according to dietary requirements, while also allowing parents to get involved or watch with a delightful canapé spread, as requested according to the requirements.

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