My Services During COVID-19

Hi guys as you might know we are in a time of uncertainty, across the Gardenroute, South Africa and even worldwide.

With that said I am pleased to say that my services as a private chef are what they were from day 1 and have not changed as I am still offering restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home. The concept is what it has always been and that is offering personalised menus based upon your dietary requirements and developing a menu to cater for those requirements.

During this time my menus and my dishes are not limited but rather are accommodating across the board. I am not limited to numbers and or specific functions, I am still focussing on giving your family and your guests the best private chef experience. This includes full health and safety precautions taken as you would expect from any restaurant or chef

These services are not limited to only private chef but rather to all my services including preparing at the comfort of your own home or a delivery of your personalised menu on the day of your event.

I look forward to hearing from you 

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