Open Flame cooking

Let's assume that most individuals are at some point in their lives going to enjoy a South African
braai either with friends or with family.

Being a chef I am constantly working with fire however, I generally work with controlled
temperature. The open flame concept has moved away from the controlled fire to more of an
open fire as it was thousands of years ago.

I have never been more excited about any form of cooking. I believe that there is so much
unseen variation of open flame cooking and the cooking methods you are able to achieve. Lets
for a moment picture the idea of vegans, vegetarians, and the meat lovers able to experience
the same open fire cooking experience together. My aim is to bring a whole new perspective to
the idea of a “South African Braai”.

I have for a long time had a fear of open flames based on the fact that I could not control the
temperature and was constantly fighting against the heat rather than working with the heat.
Now I am on the ultimate pursuit to produce high quality food, gorgeous dishes packed with
flavour through only using open flame techniques, this all plays into the hands of the beauty that
the Garden route always offers, Why not start it with a 5 course tasting menu.

The concept is playing to all South Africans' love of open flame cooking family and friends
gathering at their houses or in an open area where the atmosphere and the love for food is all
joined together with a beautiful and comfortable celebration of South African Heritage and food

Keep an eye open for the launch of my tasting menus and book me for the upcoming summer



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