Restaurant Consulting

Organisation, preparation and communication
- these are the three keywords to running
a successful restaurant.

As your restaurant consultant, I will use my experience and expertise to implement a smooth service both in the kitchen as well as the front of house. I aim to take an overview of your current set up, and utilize your strengths and identify any weaknesses that might arise. I will spend time training staff, both in and out of the kitchen, assist with the implication of new dishes if required as well as jack up your front of house services.

I have always believed in a step process when consulting restaurants.

From the basic running of a kitchen and front of house floor to the more detailed and small aspects that would set your restaurant apart from the rest. I start by spending time with your management and waiting staff during service, taking notes of customer interaction, service productivity as well as the overall dining experience. I will then move into your kitchen and start with notes on the preparation of dishes during services, the chefs' roles within your kitchen as well as the final product that will go out to the customer.

Once I have completed my analysis I will then implement different strategies within the restaurant. These strategies will be monitored by me and I will train your management to monitor the stages correctly. During this time I will also be assisting with all standard operating procedures (SOP) and training within the kitchen on Health and safety, storage and overall running of the kitchen, how to adapt from rush service to large tables to your slow days. Although there are times you don't want slow days, they do exist in this industry. It is my job to best utilize this 'downtime' in the most efficient way.

In the kitchen:

When I first moved into a kitchen Rhythm and consistency were drilled into me, as soon as you can get into a rhythm your service will more often than not run smoothly. You are also able to counter any unforeseen circumstances that might arise.

What is lost though though is rhythm is not only from the cooking or plating of dishes but at the same time the preparation of dishes and how best to utilize your time in a kitchen. if you have any free time ion your hands there is always something that can be done.

Productivity is key, an organised kitchen can be the difference between a smooth service and a hustled service. My services will identify the best way to implement the organisation and rhythm.

Front of house:

Your front of house and your kitchen need to work together, hand in hand communication is key. By keeping in constant communication with your fellow servers, you are able to maintain the flow of the service. Each server has specific strengths and my job will be to identify those strengths and implement it into the running of your restaurant. I will train and shadow your waiting staff and assist in any aspects that could cause a halt in service.

The best method I have discovered working in both the kitchen and front of house of the restaurant is maintaining a high standard of consistency throughout each service or event.

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Vince Smith - Private Chef and Restaurant Consultant


Vince Smith - Private Chef and Restaurant Consultant


Vince Smith - Private Chef and Restaurant Consultant


Vince Smith - Private Chef and Restaurant Consultant

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Vince Smith - Private Chef and Restaurant Consultant

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Vince Smith - Private Chef and Restaurant Consultant

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